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Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Biogas and Nutrient Conservation 

Renewable Natural Gas Without Fracking

Robert Hamburg and Dragon
A site with explicit recognition of the cyclical nature of things….where apparent ends are recognized as just a step toward development of new beginnings, where organic residues (often misperceived as “waste”) are understood to be invaluable resources, where ecological economics follows nature’s cyclical patterns, and where the question is always “and then what?”

This site offers a summary of over 45 years’ efforts towards overcoming a number of myths which have pervaded much of our modern society and economy. These misunderstandings have resulted in an unsustainable impact upon the rest of the natural systems upon which we are totally dependent and have led humanity to the present set of environmental crises.

Two of these myths revolve around linear thinking and analysis and what is generally known as waste disposal. Linear thinking is based on the illusion that there are or can be objectively determined beginnings and endings to any endeavor — be it a project, a product, a life, etc. Linear analysis is only possible when one subjectively and arbitrarily establishes a beginning and an end. All things before and especially after are “external.” In reality, all things are actually cyclical — there are a multitude of precedents and the results always feed back and have influence on the next cycle. Something that may appear linear only does so because of a short-sightedness in time and space.

As for “waste disposal,” we’ve got two mis-defined terms resulting in an abominable oxymoron. In nature there is no such thing as waste. All residues serve as resources for further growth — there is nothing to be disposed of. Nothing is thrown away. Indeed, there is no away”. Everything must go somewhere. The misconception of waste disposal must be superseded by the concept of residue management.

The rest of this site deals with attempts to manifest these and other re-conceptions in practical ways, focusing on symbiotically integrated anaerobic digestion systems.

Those who may want to pass on my argument and justification, either because of foreknowledge or impatience, are welcome to jump to my conclusions in current state of the art (this was changed from final notes per updated outline).

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