OARS Homebase – The Drive In

Parking area from house
S to parking area from new steps
N out drive from parking area
Tire tread cutting machine in far drive shed
N further out drive
N end of drive to road
Spring, 07, road to upper pond and well site – N edge of property
S from road to drive
Spring, 07, from road toward driveway
S up drive and tire mat up to pond
Spring, 07, driveway and tire-mat road to above garden pond
S up tire mat to pond
E side of house (back) from pond flat
Spring, 07, E back of house from tire-mat road
Pond above garden
Spring, 07, Pond above garden
Barn from garden pond dam
Spring, 07, house from above garden pond
Spring, 07, ponds and gazebo in garden from pond above garden
S to house with driveway sheds
Gas well pond on first bench above house
Gas well pond fisherman and harvest
Large pond on bench behind barn
Bottom meadow from road
Spring, 07, holler bottom from road
Gravel road up hollow next to creek and meadow
Spring, 07, road and creek up bottom