Robert A. Hamburg
Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems

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Participation in the identification and proliferation of ecologically economic and sustainable alternatives to conventional approaches to energy, agriculture, management of residual materials and human development in general.

A holistic approach to resource management gained from three decades of experience and education in research, project management, design, diffusion, funding, construction, operation, evaluation and reporting of appropriate technologies around the world, including work in the United States (West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Hawaii), Jamaica, Mali, Nepal and the People’s Republic of China.

  • Eight years experience in self-initiated project development, project management and coordination of personnel.
  • Four years experience in technical and practical areas of project installation.
  • Six years experience in academic research and analysis.
  • Ten years experience in independent research and analysis.
  • Three years experience in a range of teaching situations.
  • Successful grant proposals at state and federal levels.


  • Director, Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems, Orma, WV, 1978-Present
  • Board Member and Investor in Spring Creek Natural Foods, Inc., Spencer, WV. Fall, 1996 -Fall, 2008.
  • Consultant for Citizens against the Digester, Franklin, WV, Spring, 2002-Spring, 2004.
  • Entrepreneur with Tire Re-Use Services (TruS), LLC, Orma, WV. Summer, 1999-Present.
  • Member of Board of the West Virginia Environmental Council, Charleston, WV. Fall, 1994-Summer, 2007.
  • Member, Calhoun County Solid Waste Authority, Grantsville, WV, November, 1989-July, 1990 and September, 1994- May, 2000.
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, University of Hawaii-Manoa, January-July, 1991.
  • Field Evaluator, Mountain State Organic Growers and Buyers Association, Morgantown, WV, February-July, 1990.
  • ResearchlResource Consultant, International Development and Energy Associates, Inc., Washington, DC, July, 1988-August, 1989.
  • Field Research Group Leader, University of Pennsylvania Summer Program in the People’s RepUblic of China, May-June, 1987.
  • Primary Researcher, Pennsylvania Governor’s Energy Council, Biomass Energy Assistance Program, Feasibility Study Grant, September, 1986-July, 1987.
  • Teaching Assistant, Appropriate Technology and Energy Management for Development Program,
    University of Pennsylvania, September-December, 1986.
  • Field Researcher, University of Pennsylvania Summer Program in Jamaica, May-August, 1986.
  • Project Manager, US Department of Energy Appropriate Energy Technology Grant, October, 1979-July, 1982.
  • Project Manager, privately funded homestead-scale Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems installation, October, 1978-June, 1984.
  • Project Manager, Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems home greenhouse-aquaculture-vermiculture system, 1979-Present.
  • Cooperative Member, Spring Creek Soy Dairy, April, 1983-September, 1984.
  • Consultant, US Peace CorpslWashington and Mali, December, 1980-March, 1981.
  • Research Consultant, the Bio-Energy Council, Washington, DC, March-May, 1978.
  • Volunteer, US Peace CorpslNepal, October, 1974-December, 1976.
  • Tradesperson, numerous short-term efforts, 1970-Present.

Permaculture Design, an intensive two-week training presented by concept originator Bill Mollison. Fall, 1996.
All But Dissertation Certificate toward a PhD, Department of Geography, University of Hawaii, May, 1994.
Certificate in Resource Management, University of Hawaii, May, 1993.
M.S., Program in Appropriate Technology and Energy Management for Development, University of Pennsylvania, June, 1988.
B.S., Biology, Bucknell University, June, 1969.


  • Recipient, Fully paid scholarship for attendance and presentation at BioResources ’94 Conference in Bangalore, India, October, 1994.
  • Recipient, Degree Student Scholarship, East-West Center, Environment and Policy Institute, 1990-1994.
  • Recipient, Chairman’s Prize for Outstanding Academic Performance in the Appropriate Technology and Energy Management for
  • Development M.S. Program at the University of Pennsylvania, 1988.
  • Recipient, Partial scholarships in the Appropriate Technology and Energy Management for Development
  • M.S. Program at the University of Pennsylvania, January, 1986-June, 1987.
  • Recipient, National and West Virginia Awards for Energy Innovation, 1985.
  • Member, International Society for Ecological Economics since 1990.
  • Member, The Biomass Users Network since 1988.


  • Electricity ratemaking for conservation.” In Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics, ed. by F. Fesharaki and J. Dorian. Honolulu, Hawaii, July 8-10, 1991. (1092-1106).
    “Household cooking fuel hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide emissions from stalks, coal and biogas.”
    Biomass, 19:3 (233-245), 1889.
  • Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide emissions from coal, stalks and biogas.” Boiling Point, 22, August, 1990.”Assessing the benefits ofbiogas.” Environment, 30:10, December, 1988.
  • Biogas in China: a close look at biogas emissions.” Cookstove News, 8: 1, Spring, 1988.
  • Symbiotically integrated organic recycling/renewable energy systems.” Included in the Proceedings of the American Solar Energy Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 1983, the Fifth Annual Miami Conference on Alternative Energy Sources, Miami, FA, 1982, and the Third National Conference on Energy Conserving Solar Greenhouses, Hyannis, MA, 1982.
  • Integrated renewable energy/organic waste recycling system: Final Report, July, 31, 1982,” available from National Technical Infonnation Service.

Lectures and conference presentations on various aspects of sustainable resource management including renewable energy systems, integrated organic recycling, energy conservation, sustainable agricultural production, sanitation and indoor air pollution in developed and less developed countries.

Membership on Geography Department Committees at the University of Hawaii-Manoa and a range of service in elected positions including United States’ Representative to the East-West Center Participant’s Association.

LANGUAGE CAPABIUTIES: Incipient Spanish and a remembrance of Nepali.


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