Hi Folks,

One of my primary reasons for establishing this site has been to initiate and stimulate communications to further manifest the vast potentials for smaller-scale symbiotically integrated digester systems. Thus far, this has sadly not happened.

Please! If you have any questions or would like to comment about, expand upon, or correct anything presented on the site, there is “Comment” space at the bottom of nearly every page. I should receive notice of such comments and will try to respond in a timely fashion. If “I” deem these comments to be of service to furthering of OARS Mission through this website, I may wish to include them within the body of the site – with appropriate consultation and citation of your contribution.

Don’t waste your time on the “Admin Log In” link. Site administrators and I do need to maintain some control, yea?

If you have an appropriate venue, I always willing try to spread the word.

I certainly hope that you have gotten something from the site. Thank you for your interest and best wishes for your own Dragon Husbandry efforts.

Shitfire!   Biogas Bob Hamburg (12/5/17)


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