OARS Homebase – Outside

Spring, 07, N side with porch and balcony
S side from parking area
New porch on NW side
N side from new steps B mushroom tipi, outhouse
E (back) side from NE corner
NW of house B porch, balcony, steps, kiwis
Spring, 07, front and north face of house
W face of original house from NW corner
Spring, 07, frog orgy in front pond
W face of original house with porch from SW corner
Original porch with chimes from door
Original porch from corner
SW corner of house with end of greenhouse
Spring, 07, SW corner of house
S of house with greenhouse, tub, tool shed
E side (back) of house from SE corner
New toilet cleanout port covers
E of house with path and outhouse
SE corner and tub
S side of house from garden
Spring, 07, S of house, note new raised bed and new shower
S to garden and barn from SW corner of house
S to barn near garden
Used tire pond in far garden
S to barn B second story studio
W third of barn first story
S behind barn from second story
S behind barn from second story
Spring, 07, drive path to back of barn
Into studio on second story of barn
Second story of barn and into studio
N across gardens and ponds to house from studio
Spring, 07, gardens and house from barn studio
Spring, 07, S face of barn